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Distant Sons [not so distant]

Happy to report that the new novel (formerly known as With These Hands), is due to land on the American continent October 17, 2023! Time moves slowly in the book-making process, then…FAST!

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Little Green Elf Reviews DESCENT

AWESOME Video Review from the Elf at Inkwood Books in Tampa, FL! “There is still time to get this excited about Descent by Tim Johnston. On sale date, January 6th. Pre-order your copy today. If you do a Happy Dance we’ll throw in glass of wine or beer! YAY! Credits: Amanda Hurley: Videographer Elf: Himself, Stefani […]

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Matt Hoffman’s Review on Goodreads

Perhaps the most thoughtful and eloquent review to date!  Thanks, Matt Hoffman! It would be unfair to the reader and a disservice to the author to convey any details of Descent other than that you will not want to put this book down. It’s rare to find a “page-turner” that is so beautifully written that […]

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AWP15 in Minneapolis

For AWP15 (April 8-11 in Minneapolis) I’ll be joining a TON of great authors on two separate panels: “Between Oblivion And The Blockbuster,” and “Writing Well Yet Writing To Sell.” Check out Events Page for specific time and dates as they become available! PLUS, fellow Algonquin authors will be holding a group event at the […]

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